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Electrónica en Abril 2017

30 Mar - 2 Apr 2017
Electrónica en Abril 2017

The 15th Electrónica en Abril festival will feature some of the most important trends in contemporary electronic music. These globalised sounds shed light on what’s happening in the world today on both the musical and the political stages, from Brexit and Trump to the ebullient energy of youth and feminist discourses.

This year the festival won't just focus on dance and experimental sound; it also aims to show that music is a powerful vehicle for reflecting turbulent times of change like the present. US natives Holly Herndon and Yves Tumor have authored two seminal projects that address the widespread disenchantment in their home country. Similar issues are explored by the Britons Demdike Stare and GAIKA as well as Lone (Matthew Cutler), who tries to offer alternatives in these difficult times by looking back and reconstructing the legacy of 1990s rave music.

Carla dal Forno and Aïsha Devi, along with Emile Barret, reflect the mysticism and ethereal, experimental pop of our time, while Samuel Kerridge builds bridges with the past, showing us the importance of remembering everything we've lived through at this new juncture. Finally, we’ll enjoy the turntable stylings of Granada native Fernandito Kit-Kat, aka Yung Beef, the present and future of the Spanish music scene.

Plus, this year the courtyard will be completely transformed by architect Jorge López Conde, head of the Technology and Design Department at the Norman Foster Foundation.

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