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Electrónica en Abril 2018

5 Apr - 8 Apr 2018
Imagen por Carlos Fernández Pello
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Imagen por Carlos Fernández Pello

The sixteenth Electrónica en Abril zooms in on the sounds and trends that are shaping today’s music scene. Concerts, sessions and live music at one of the most interesting events for fans of the electronic avant-garde in Madrid.

Electrónica en Abril has always been characterised by its focus on cutting-edge trends, taking an imaginative view of phenomena which, in one way or another, are shaping the future of contemporary music. This year our ears will travel round the world without leaving Madrid.

Reggaeton and dancehall, two genres with a long and frequently controversial history, will give us some of the weekend’s best moments. Both Merca Bae and Endgame, associated with the English Bala Club, have decided to adopt an iconoclastic approach to musical “twerking”. Dance taken to the max. The same goes for dancehall and its different mutations. The movement will have two spokespersons of the new paths being explored in Jamaican riddims: Equiknoxx, straight from the Antilles, and STILL, weaving connections between northern Italy, Ethiopia and Kingston. Globality understood properly.

Other phenomena represented at Electrónica en Abril are the return of minimalist ambient music with one of the greatest names in the field, Caterina Barbieri; bass music beats with dubstep pioneer Ikonika and veteran footwork DJ Jana Rush; and the urban dystopias created by California native James Whipple, aka M.E.S.H., via the Berlin-based collective Janus and South London producer Louis Carnell, better known as Visionist.

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