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Electrónica en Abril 2019

4 Apr - 7 Apr 2019
Electrónica en Abril 2019

The 17th Electrónica en Abril takes stock of some of the most fascinating and representative names on the contemporary music scene, where the avant-garde is increasingly part of mainstream culture and productions intended for a mass audience.

This year’s festival has set its sights on artists who have blurred the boundaries between pop and underground music: producers who refuse to renounce their own distinctive language, which often verges on experimentation yet still manages to reach a wide audience. In some cases, sounds with mass appeal are reinterpreted in their hands, while in others they offer a more attractive staging or a somehow familiar discourse.

Electrónica en Abril defends the free use of the avant-garde, with a line-up of indie musicians poised to lead the future of music. Expressions range from the reggaeton of Kelman Duran and Clara! to trans identity and performance in the work of Angel-Ho and Okzharp & Manthe Ribane. Meanwhile, Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones and group A use polyphony and visual patterning to transform club music, and Kelly Moran and Tashi Wada reinterpret and subvert, offering their own versions of recognisable sounds.

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7 Apr 2019