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Gelatina 2020

13 May - 17 Jun 2020
Gelatina 2020

The third edition of the festival of art and thought Gelatina returns in an online version to focus on and question the way we understand and relate chronic illness, disability and personal and collective trauma to political, social and economic conditions; as well as underlining the importance of shared experience and taking into account somatics in healing and ritual processes.

Gelatina, La Casa Encendida´s art and thinking festival, is back, this time through an online format. This third edition of the festival seeks to shine a spotlight on and question how we understand sickness, chronic illness, pain, and both personal and collective trauma, highlighting the ways in which cultural, political and social structures and impositions codify them.

The artists participating in the festival reflect on how ableism relates to other forms of oppression and/or give a voice to collective strategies for survival. This entails focusing on the need to bring together the body and mind to break with the individualisation of illness and pathologization; emphasising the importance of tenderness, creating support networks and underlining the power of the ritual for finding meaning and rewriting and transcending the private sphere, as well as the collectivisation and politicisation of healing processes.

The festival's program culminates in an online publication that brings together essays, conversations, poems, interviews and visual content. With the participation of: Clay AD, Leah Clements, Ca Conrad, SWAN MEAT, Sophie Hoyle, JOVENDELAPERLA, Suutoo, Rebecca Bellantoni, Imani Robinson, Sharona Franklin, nadabien and Eleni Ikoniadou.

Online publication Gelatina 2020

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