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'The Book of Conrad', by Delinquent Films

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Gelatina 2020
3 Jun - 17 Jun 2020
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'The Book of Conrad, de Delinquent Films
'The Book of Conrad, de Delinquent Films

Premiere in Spain of this documentary at La Casa Encendida Filmin´s channel  which follows the celebrated writer and Elvis-worshiping eccentric CAConrad, as he confronts his violent past and the suspicious death of his boyfriend Earth. 

 In The Book of Conrad we see anger anew: as the impulse behind living, behind ritual, even behind prayer. 

The documentary, part of Gelatina festival programme, will be available at La Casa Encendida Filmin´s channel  during two weeks.

Belinda Schmid has an MFA from ULCA’s Screenwriting Program, a BFA in Film and TV from New York University and spent a year in the American Film Institute Directing Program. She won the UCLA 2018 Alfred P. Sloan Screenwriting Award, was 3rd place winner of the 2018 CineStory Feature Fellowship and was a semi-finalist for NBC’s 2017 Writers on the Verge program. Belinda has written and directed short films. Her film The Painted Lady, was nominated Best Short in the New Zealand Film Awards and screened at international festivals (including Montreal, Tampere, and the Cannes Film Forum). Her first screenplay, Seeing Through Smoke, was developed by the New Zealand Film Commission, selected for SPAAmart Australia, and shortlisted for the Cannes Residence. She has directed commercials and television in New Zealand, where she is originally from.

David C. Welch shot, produced and directed two low-budget digital features in New Zealand, including the acid western High Water Rising, before relocating to New York City. His first feature-length documentary The Book of Conrad screened at the Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival, in Greece (ranked among the world's top 10 documentary film festivals). Recent screenings include Vienna's Museum of Contemporary Art; The Zurich Institute of Arts, and The Norse Litteraturfestival in Lillehammer, Norway. David is currently developing the feature-length documentary How Forests Think, inspired by the best-selling ethnography of the same name.  David has written for a variety of publications, including the UK’s Record Collector Magazine, CMJ, Perfect Sound Forever, and New York’s Jewish Voice, and currently serves as the CMO for Seven Bridges Group.

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'The Book of Conrad', by Delinquent Films

3 Jun 8 - 8 h