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“Cities of Last Things” by Wi Ding Ho

11 May - 12 May 2019

A neo-noir melodrama that narrates a police officer’s misfortunes, or the greatest tragedies of his past, in three episodes that unfold in reverse chronological order.

Cities of Last Things, directed by Wi Ding Ho. Taiwan/China/USA/France, 2018. 107’. Original soundtrack with Spanish subtitles.

Wi Ding Ho (Muar, 1971) is a Malaysian filmmaker who currently lives in Taiwan. His shorts Summer Afternoon (2008) and Respire (2005) were selected for the Cannes Festival. After specialising in comedy for years, in 2018 he directed his first neo-noir film, Cities of Last Things. It debuted in the competitive Platform section of the Toronto Film Festival, where it won the Platform Prize.

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“Cities of Last Things” by Wi Ding Ho

11 May 18 - 20 h