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Programme 3: Continuum: Omnipresent Matter

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Vibrant Matter
7 Nov 2019
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Films, Talks
"Planet Z", de Momoko Seto

Structured in four programmes, the audiovisual cycle reflects on the thought-producing potential of matter. In this age of biotechnology, technoscience, exoskeletons and artificial intelligence, how can we rethink the human being, and the female body in particular?

Duration: 2 hours
  • Perlenmeere, directed by Katrina Daschner. Austria, 2016. 9’
  • Planet Z, directed by Momoko Seto. France/Japan, 2011. 9’​
  • Red Moon Rising, directed by Vivien Dick. Ireland, 2015. 15’
  • Into All That Is Here, directed by Laure Prouvost. UK, 2015. 10’
  • Death Defeats, Creates, Repeats, directed by Anetta Mona Chisa / Lucia Tkáčová. Czech Republic, 2012. 22’
  • Planet Σ (Sigma), directed by Momoko Seto. France/Japan, 2014. 11’

Total runtime: 76’

The screening will be followed by a talk with Julia Morandeira and María Morata

Julia Morandeira Arrizbalaga is a researcher and curator. Since 2017 she has been developing Nothing Is True, Everything Is Alive, a project that attempts to trace and activate the epistemological, sensory and aesthetic paradigm shifts derived from feminist interpretations of science and biology.

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Programme 3: Continuum: Omnipresent Matter

7 Nov 18 - 20 h