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Ter + Somadamantina

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Princesses and Darthvaders 2017
9 Jun 2017
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In "Kim Kardashian Invented the Universe: Internet and Self-love", Ter presents her consolidated obsessions in a stand-up comedy routine. Her multidisciplinary show will combine social media, music and madness, proving that numerology, the pleasure principal and celebrities are all related. Somadamantina will present her new project Wet.

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Ter presents "Kim Kardashian Invented the Universe: Internet and Self-love"

Welcome to the Terdashian community. An architect capable of using Kim Kardashian's backside to demolish the importance of the golden ratio is the great hope we've been waiting for. With her unique take on culture and the world of celebrities, Ter's brand of humour exposes the ironies of contemporary pop culture through a medium which is predisposed to do just that: social networks.

She muses about relationships between orcas and about Ariana Grande's music videos being better than The Godfather, and in one of her latest videos (Oda al cuñadismo) she even takes on the challenge of singing the Britney Spears tune "Toxic". The cultural relativism we were waiting for has finally arrived.

In Ter's own words, "Although Instagram is already 6 years old, which could be considered ancient in the digital world, some people still haven't grasped its importance. Social media are accused of being narcissist, shallow and hollow. The Kardashians are accused of spearheading an egotistical movement with no substance. That’s the simplest and most immediate assessment, and also the most common. But the shallow thing is not really social media; it’s the idea that social networks are shallow. Why do social media make us more human? How have social networks given us a better understanding of our relationship with ourselves? And, most importantly, why is there no longer any difference between the real and the virtual?"

Somadamantina // Original Brillantes

“I've got an icing sugar stash / I only go for high class”. Long before trap music hit the mainstream, it already had a queen: Somadamantina, also known as Slim Kawasaki. Sex, freedom and obsessive love are intertwined by one of the most lubricious feminist voices on the contemporary scene who, after making a splash with Femme Fatale, now returns under the name Original Brillantes.

Known in Spain for her pioneering work with trap-related sounds, she paved the way for the explosion of new artists who have appeared in recent times. After more than two years of silence, she will give a concert to present her latest work, Wet.

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Ter + Somadamantina

9 Jun 18 - 20:30 h