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Princesses and Darthvaders 2017

8 Jun - 10 Jun 2017
Bea Lobo
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Bea Lobo

It's time for the third edition of La Casa Encendida's Princesses and Darthvaders, the festival that uses guerrilla culture and humour to talk about feminisms. Guests included Bruce LaBruce, Hidrogenesse, Monstruo Espagueti, Ter, Somadamantina, “Feminism for Dummies” and Lidia Damunt, plus the participants in "Vermouth, Press and Blablabla".

This year, the Princesses and Darthvaders Festival has expanded to make room for philosophy, more music, more humour and more of everything. It will include talks by creators like Bruce LaBruce, who bends genders until they break and proves that the long shadow of iconoclasm is the only path to rebellion and transgression—an idea that perfectly suits Hidrogenesse, who will follow him with a DJ set. We'll recover postmodern network humour with Ter, who has prepared a multi-platform stand-up routine for the occasion, and turn feminist didacticism upside-down with the parody show "Feminism for Dummies". And we won't overlook the DIY attitude of the new generations thanks to Somadamantina, one of the strongest, most lubricious voices of trap music, or the powerful, punk-esque folk songs of composer Lidia Damunt, perhaps the most eagerly awaited Spanish comeback of the year. The festival will bring back the aperitif-session "Vermouth, Press and Blablabla" and add a new workshop led by Monstruo Espagueti, "Taking Comedy Seriously".

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