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On The Threshold + talk with Marta Echaves

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Stones, Ghosts, Animals and Goddesses
26 Nov 2020
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Online, Films, Talks
'Lesbian National Parks and Services' @Don Lee. The Banff Centre
'Lesbian National Parks and Services' @Don Lee. The Banff Centre
'Habitat 2190'
'Habitat 2190'
'Night Vision'
'Night Vision'

The three films featured in this session explore the boundaries between body and state that are implicit in the idea of the nature reserve or space. The performative aspect predominates in all three. The body in front of the camera, or its absence, reveals what has been erased in these places and serves as a vehicle for past and present experiences as well as those yet to come.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Lesbian National Parks and Services: A Force of Nature, by Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan. Canada, 2002. 23
  • Centro de Arte y Naturaleza - Fundación Beulas (CDAN) in Huesca has translated the subtitles and loaned the copy for this screening.

  • Habitat 2190, by Hanna Rullman and Faiza Ahmad Khan. United Kingdom, 2019. 16
  • Night Vision, by Dylan Mira. South Korea and USA, 2018. 14
  • The films are available from 26 November to 3 December on La Casa Encendida's Filmin channel.

    Talk with: Marta Echaves, researcher and curator, and Quiela Nuc, the cycle curator. The talk will take place on 26 November.

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On The Threshold + talk with Marta Echaves

26 Nov 19:30 - 21 h