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The Inconsistency of Human Beings

8 Sep - 9 Sep 2018
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A project by Jaime Vallaure in association with Juan Vallaure.

It is human nature to want to live a happy life. But trying to find that element that will make us happy is like groping in the dark. Happiness is hard to achieve: the more determined we are to find it, the more elusive it becomes, if we have chosen the wrong path. Because if we roam from place to place with no other guide but competing shouts and cries calling us in different directions, we will waste our short lives. There is nothing we should take more care to avoid than acting like sheep, following the flock in front of us, our gaze focused not on the destination we should head for but on where we are currently headed. No one strays from the path alone; they are the cause and perpetrator of another's error.

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The Inconsistency of Human Beings

8 Sep 18 - 19 h