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Re-Embodied Machine, of Instituto Stocos

21 Mar 2024
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Re-Embodied Machine is a trans-disciplinary stage work focused on translating dance into music and light. The piece employs several approaches which include movement sonification and algorithmic or interactive control of robotic and laser light.

Target audience: General public
Location: Patio
Duration: 50 minutes
Price: Free upon registration

The piece revolves around the notion of the stage as an embodied entity that manifests through music and light. Over the course of the performance, the characteristics of the relationship between the stage and a solo dancer transitions between the stage acting as an instrument or bodily extension of the dancer and the stage assuming the role of a dancer on its own that performs in a duet or independently of the human dancer.

Re-Embodied Machine also delves in the relationship of the human body with a machine. The notion of machine connects to the etymological origin of the term which stems from the Greek word mêchanè and originally means trick, deception, illusion. That is to say, reality as we perceive it is in itself deceptive, we live in an illusion of reality. But art and technology can help us to go deeper into the reality of this illusion. This is one of the purposes of artistic creation in general and of Re-Embodied Machine in particular, to create situations in which to experience reality more intensely through the body. The energy and creativity that emanates from this bodily experience can then be translated and transformed again into a new basis for further artistic creations in other disciplines and modalities.

Is it possible to synthesize light and sound from our movement and interact with these presences as if they were dance partners? Is it possible to deepen the knowledge of creativity associated with the body through these translations of movement principles into other modalities? These are some of the questions that Re-Embodied Machine tries to answer.

The piece is a production of the company Instituto Stocos created as part of the PREMIERE project supported by the EU in the Horizon program that showcases some of the technologies of the AI Toolbox , that are being developed as part PREMIERE. 

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Re-Embodied Machine, of Instituto Stocos

21 Mar 20 - 20:50 h