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Generación 2021

28 Jan 2021

The Generations call is one of the reference projects in our country in relation to supporting contemporary creation, which has been awarded and exhibited since 2000 within the framework of this initiative.

The Montemadrid Foundation, in its work to once again promote young art, presents the Generation 2021 exhibition at La Casa Encendida, made up of works produced for the occasion by eight young artists who have been selected by an independent jury.

Artists: María Alcaide (Huelva, 1992), Javier Bravo de Rueda (Peru, 1989), Claudia Claremi (Spain/Cuba, 1986), Isabel Marcos (Madrid, 1986), nucbeade (Quiela Nuc, Madrid, 1990 and Andrea Beade, Madrid 1988), Simón Sepúlveda (Chile, 1989), Lucía Bayón Mendoza (Madrid, 1994) and Helena Vinent (Barcelona, 1988).

  • La Casa Encendida, 2021
  • Curator: Ignacio Cabrero
  • Spanish-English
  • ISBN: 978-84-09-26722-4
  • 235 x 165 mm. Pages.: 104
  • Binding: Softcover

Publication of the exhibition Generación 2021.

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