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Vulnerable Critters

27 May 2022

The exhibition Vulnerable Critters, curated by Andrea Bagnato and Iván L. Munuera, brings together architectural and artistic explorations of infection, illness and health with the aim of contributing to a deeper reflection on the recent pandemic.

The exhibition is the result of long-term research carried out by the curators regarding modernity's obsession with avoiding contamination and contagion based on the idea that we are all vulnerable - although some beings are more vulnerable than others. For commissioners, claiming this state of vulnerability can open the way to new forms of coexistence. Traditional studies on contagion usually resort to the metaphor of a healthy body that suffers aggression from some external agent, when the truth is that the interaction between different bodies (human and non-human), microbes, architectures, cultural uses, technologies and ecosystems It is based by its very nature on contact, friction and continuous encounters.

  • La Casa Encendida, 2022

  • Curators: Andrea Bagnato and Ivan L. Munuera

  • Design: Omnigroup

  • Spanish-English

  • Dimensions: 165 x 235mm

  • Binding: Softcover

Publication of the exhibition Vulnerable Critters.

  • Cuaderno exposición (pdf, 1.41 MB)