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DINAMO Programme

7 Mar - 9 Mar 2017
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Open call for proposals: now accepting independent cultural projects to participate in the DINAMO - Creative Sustainability Strategies programme for cultural initiatives, organised by hablarenarte in partnership with La Casa Encendida.

Sigrid Niemer (b. 1979, Berlin), founding member of the self-managed cultural centre ufaFabrik, will lead the workshop on 8, 9 and 10 March at La Casa Encendida. The deadline for project submissions is Thursday, 23 February.

Authors of cultural projects that have grown out of civic and/or artistic initiatives in any field, ideally related to environmentalism and sustainability, are invited to participate in a workshop of collaborative peer reviews which we call the "projects clinic". The goal is to come up with a diagnosis and specific course of treatment for the projects of participating agents.

The workshop will include 12 participants who are carrying out independent cultural projects and will be held in English.

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DINAMO Programme

7 Mar 23 - 23 h