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Encounter with Nora Chipaumire + Q&A

10 Sep 2019
Antoine Tempé
Antoine Tempé

Taking advantage of the artist’s participation in IDEM 2019, the International Performing Arts Festival, with her show #PUNK, we’ve arranged a special encounter + Q&A session with Nora Chipaumire.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Over the last twenty years, Nora Chipaumire has fought to debunk African stereotypes through dance, but she’s also played with those same stereotypes in an ambiguous way, attempting to question and explore the body of the racialized performer and its relationship to art and aesthetics from different angles.

She is a featured artist at BAC - the Biennial of the Arts of the Body, Image and Movement of Madrid.

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Encounter with Nora Chipaumire + Q&A

10 Sep 17 - 18:30 h