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The Hidden Cost of Cheap Food

7 Oct 2021
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The production of cheap food has a profound impact on the environment, society and our health. This session will address the monoculture of soya for cattle fodder, industrial aquaculture and animal suffering as a result of this mode of production.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes


  • Olga Kikou is the director of Compassion in World Farming EU, an organisation devoted to improving farm animal welfare, ending industrial cattle raising and achieving sustainable food production and agriculture.
  • Nazaret Castro is a journalist, a doctor in Social Sciences and the cofounder of Carro de Combate. She is the coauthor of the books Los monocultivos que conquistaron el mundo [Monocultures that Conquered the World] (2019), Carro de Combate. Consumir es un acto político [Combat Car. Consumption is a Political Act] (2014) and Amarga dulzura. Una historia sobre los orígenes del azúcar [Bitter Sweet. A History of the Origins of Sugar] (2013).
  • Natasha Hurley is campaign director at Changing Markets, where she currently leads a campaign to eradicate the use of wild fish in aquaculture. At her former position at the IEA, she was in charge of the campaign for discontinuing the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) at world level.
  • Thomas Waitz is the co-president of the European Green Party and a European Member of Parliament for the Greens/EFA. His work focuses on sustainable agriculture, regional production and healthy food, the Common Agricultural Policy and the reform of the European directive on animal transport.

Moderator: Lidia Ucher, a journalist in the field of social communication within the sphere of international cooperation and the Third Sector of Social Action.

Organised by: the Green European Foundation (GEF), with the collaboration of the Fundación Transición Verde [Green Transition Foundation], La Casa Encendida and the Sociedad Española de Agricultura Ecológica y Agroecología [Spanish Society of Ecological Agriculture and Agroecology] (SEAE).

The event will take place in the Zoom room. Following registration, and before each session, attendees will be sent a confirmation email with details regarding access to the meeting.

*Spanish-English simultaneous interpreting will be available during the session.

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The Hidden Cost of Cheap Food

7 Oct 15:30 - 17 h