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Meet the Author: Karlos Kum

17 Nov 2016
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At this new session of Meet the Author in the library at La Casa Encendida, Madrid-based author Karlos Kum will visit us to present his new book Huéspedes and take the chance to interact with his audience.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Karlos Kum (b. Madrid, 1966) was a physics student, a musician without an album, a comic artist without a magazine, an essential activist in indispensable struggles, a tireless traveller and an adopted Mexican. Later he got it in his head—though no one knows quite how or why—to start stringing words together and ended up writing his first book, Cuentos de Amador (Huerga & Fierro, 2013).

Huéspedes (Huerga & Fierro, 2016) is his latest release. We're sorry, there is no back door. If you want to know what happens in this singular hostel, in this original book, you'd best turn round and enter by the foreword. We bid you welcome, and happy reading.

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Meet the Author: Karlos Kum

17 Nov 18 - 19:30 h