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One Itinerary, Seven Ecologies

Within the programming of

Ecologies for Other Architectures
2 Oct 2022

The Courtyard of La Casa Encendida hosts seven architectural projects by emerging talents that invite us to imagine other relationships with our environments by following an itinerary guided by the participating studios.

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes

The projects will be on display in the Casa’s Courtyard on 1 and 2 October and represent seven scenarios or ecologies for an architecture that has yet to be built: seven situations, models or maquettes, seven worlds for a spatial practice that is more sympathetic to other communities (human and non-human), ecosystems and territories.

On Sunday evening, the authors will give informal presentations of their projects at short encounters where interested visitors can discuss the themes raised by the proposals. The sessions will begin at 5 pm, in the order shown below, and each studio will conduct specific demonstrations and present the results of their research, answering questions from visitors and explaining how the installations work.


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One Itinerary, Seven Ecologies

2 Oct 15 - 18:30 h