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Picasso: Untitled. Guided tours for families

7 Oct - 30 Dec 2023
We are sorry, tickets are no longer being sold.
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The guided tours for families of the exhibition Picasso: Untitled are especially suitable for children between ages 6 and 10, accompanied by an adult.

Price: 4€

'Picasso: Sin Título' es un proyecto de La Casa Encendida y la Fundación Almine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso (FABA) comisariado por Eva Franch i Gilabert. La exposición cuenta con el apoyo de la Comisión Nacional para la Conmemoración del 50.º aniversario de la muerte de Pablo Picasso, y la colaboración de la Comunidad de Madrid. La muestra forma parte del programa oficial de la Celebración Picasso 1973-2023 que cuenta con Telefónica como empresa colaboradora en España.

"Picasso almost never titled his works; his friends, agents and curators did it for him.” Bernard Ruiz-Picasso.

This statement by the painter’s grandson inspired this exhibition which invites fifty contemporary artists to retitle fifty works from Picasso’s final years (1963–73), his most prolific period, the one closest to us and yet probably the most unknown.

In Picasso: Untitled, fifty contemporary artists propose new titles and interpretations for the works. Understanding this game, discovering Picasso’s final artistic period and creating our own titles are some of the aims of this guided tour for children and their companions.

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  • Guided tours for families take place every Saturday at 11 am.

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Picasso: Untitled. Guided tours for families

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We are sorry, tickets are no longer being sold.