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The Magnetic Terrace

2 Jul - 28 Aug 2016
The Magnetic Terrace

From 2 July to 28 August, La Casa Encendida hosts the Magnetic Terrace, an exciting programme of summer film screenings, concerts and much more to enjoy under the open sky, against the backdrop of Madrid's stunning sunsets and vibrant nightlife. What better way to spend the summer?

This summer, the movies and concerts offered on the rooftop terrace of La Casa Encendida will create a magnetic field with an irresistible pull. The concerts, acting like a positive charge, will radiate a cutting-edge combo of experimentation, electronics, atmosphere and ritual. And cinema supplies the negative charge with cult films about witchcraft, the occult, sects and the desire to venture into other worlds. A fascinating way to enjoy the long summer evenings and nights. Welcome to the Magnetic Terrace.

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17 Jul 2016
Activities Concerts


28 Aug 2016