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Spectral Projections

5 Mar - 27 Mar 2022
'Devil is on his Way', de Ophélie Nève
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'Devil is on his Way', de Ophélie Nève

In connection with the exhibition Poems I Will Never Release: Chiara Fumai 2007–2017, La Casa Encendida presents a programme inspired by this Italian artist, known for embodying women excluded from history in her performances. Organised by the Final Girls Berlin Film Festival, the cycle features films directed by women that use horror to illuminate obscured feminist histories.

Fumai’s combination of occultism, mysticism, anarcha-feminism and institutional critique created new ways of dissecting and satirising systems of oppression. She acted as a medium for women artists and activists who were frequently forgotten or overlooked, and whose images were exploited and undervalued. Like Fumai, the filmmakers in this programme pay attention to what has been relegated to the shadows or kept obscured, drawing on biographical, historical, and fantastical sources to weave unique tales of horror that defy the genre’s narrative conventions.

Programmed by Final Girls Berlin Film Festival (FGBFF), a film festival dedicated to the subversive, experimental creations of women working in horror cinema. In addition to overturning hackneyed representations of victimhood, these directors bring new visions to the imaginary in terms of darkness and insidious forces, fear and fantasy.  FGBFF takes a cross-disciplinary interest in celebrating and foregrounding artists, scholars, experts and performers who work with horror, supernatural and occult elements and subject matter.

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