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Otim Alpha

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Electrónica en Abril 2023
16 Apr 2023

Otim Alpha’s shows are a genuine stimulus for the senses. His rhythm, charisma on stage and the strong sense of identity that accompany him make for a vibrant experience.

Target audience: Infantile
Location: Patio
Duration: 1 hour

Traditional adungu and nanga harp master and singer, Otim Alpha got his musical start as a wedding ceremony leader in his native city Gulu. He is one of the few musicians to pass down and preserve Acholi folk traditions.

In 2001 Otim Alpha and producer Leo Palayeng took the traditional Larakaraka wedding music of the Acholi people of Northern Uganda and South Sudan and remade it with computer software, synths and electronic drum-kit beats. The result was a new hyper-frenetic electronic version known as Acholitronix. Since then his pioneering concepts have inspired an exhilarating micro scene, synthesising electronic sounds and traditional instrumentation into a fast-paced polyrhythmic genre primed for dancefloor madness.

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Otim Alpha

16 Apr 12 - 13 h