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Pan Daijing

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She Makes Noise 2018
18 Oct 2018
© Vitali Gelwich
© Vitali Gelwich

Pan Daijing’s meticulously staged performances are an almost trance-like experience. The artist describes her work as “an exhibition of the weakness, strength and horror of women, a melancholic celebration of our being”.

Duration: 1 hour

Even before the release of her debut album Lack 惊蛰 on the prestigious German label PAN, this Chinese-born, Berlin-based artist was already an important figure in the field of audiovisual performance and contemporary art. A leading name on the German capital’s alternative scene, where the distinction between music and art is blurred, Pan Daijing’s sound is halfway between dark noise and cinematographic atmosphere.

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Goethe Institut
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Pan Daijing

18 Oct 19 - 20 h