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“shemakesnoise Makes Noise” by _blank A/V + Q&A

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She Makes Noise 2018
21 Oct 2018
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On the festival’s last day, Blanca Rego, aka _blank, leader of this year’s digital workshop, will bring us an abstract audiovisual experience titled shemakesnoise Makes Noise, based on the festival’s own ethos and the music of all participating artists.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Audio files will be generated using information from the website of La Casa Encendida, one track per artist. Those audio recordings will later be used to make a video. Both audio and video will be created via a “data bending” process. All that audiovisual material will be the basis of the performance, resulting in a hypnotic, memorable experience for everyone who decides to join us.

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“shemakesnoise Makes Noise” by _blank A/V + Q&A

21 Oct 16 - 17:30 h