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Picasso: Untitled / With Music: Lucrecia Dalt

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Picasso: Untitled / With
25 Nov 2023
Foto de Aina Climent
Foto de Aina Climent

The Colombian artist presents her latest album ¡Ay! in Madrid for the Picasso: Untitled / With Music programme. In this eighth album, she invokes a new world where her signature experimentation merges with treasured earlier influences from her native land.

Target audience: General public
Location: Patio
Duration: 1 hour
Price: 10€

Picasso: Untitled is a project of La Casa Encendida and the Almine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso Foundation (FABA) curated by Eva Franch i Gilabert. The exhibition has the support of the National Commission for the Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the death of Pablo Picasso, and the collaboration of the Community of Madrid. The exhibition is part of the official program of the Picasso Celebration 1973-2023, with Telefónica as a collaborating company in Spain.

The artist has visited La Casa Encendida on two previous occasions: in 2016 she gave a concert at The Magnetic Terrace and in 2021 she presented Preta, a text-based installation in the style of a manifesto of mineral and vegetable phenomenology. On this occasion, she is presenting her latest work in Madrid as part of the Picasso: Untitled / With Music programme.

Tracing a timeline of Lucrecia Dalt’s career in sound is no easy task. As a musician, sound artist, performer and composer, Dalt has traversed countless musical portals. Shimmering with modulation and the incandescent tones of her voice, her compositions evoke magnetic atmospheres in her uniquely personal and ever-expanding sound universe.

Following the acclaimed albums Anticlines (2018) and No era sólida (2020) released under the RVNG intl. label, in 2022 she brought out her eighth album ¡Ay!, invoking a new world where her signature experimentation merges with treasured earlier influences from her native land, Colombia.

In her formative years, Dalt’s intuition for experimental sound led her to work with Series Media Collective [CM1] in Medellín, which released her debut album Acerca in 2005. Having worked as a geotechnical engineer, her ability to dig deep into the multi-dimensional worlds of cinema, fiction, astrophysics and desire manifested in her early solo albums Commotus (2012) and Syzygy (2013), released under the Berlin-based Human Ear Music label. After moving to Berlin in 2014, Dalt’s surrealist tendencies were reconfigured in her fifth LP Ou (2015) on the experimental Care of Editions label.

Her twilight concert at The Magnetic Terrace in 2016 generated soundscapes evoking dreams and remote experiences, and in 2021 at the Casa Encendida Tower she presented the installation Preta, a text-based piece in the style of a manifesto of mineral and vegetable phenomenology, challenging the narrative of history and time created by human beings.

In 2021 she also composed the original soundtrack for the films Catábasis, by Regina de Miguel, and The Seed, by Sam Walker, as well as the music for the HBO series The Baby. Other projects include the V.I.T.R.I.O.L. performance with Regina de Miguel and Ania Nowak, as well as the sound installation Dazwischen with Camille Mandoki, Sarah Winters and Jordi Salvadó, both presented at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion (Sonar Festival, 2019), and You Will Go Away One Day But I Will Not with Maria Thereza Alves, presented at the Berlin Botanical Garden (CTM, 2020).

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  • Tickets go on sale at 3 pm on Sunday 22 October.

    Doors open at 8.30 pm.

    To avoid unnecessary waits, we recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the concert.

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Picasso: Untitled / With Music: Lucrecia Dalt

25 Nov 21 - 22 h