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she makes noise 2019

3 Oct - 6 Oct 2019
Diseño Las Lindas Pobres feat. Mateo Amaral
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Diseño Las Lindas Pobres feat. Mateo Amaral

she makes noise turns five, confirming its status as one of the most eagerly anticipated highlights of the autumn cultural calendar. It seems like it was only yesterday when we began planning this bold, risky niche event, and now we’ve got a solid track record of opening “doors and windows” to contemporary creativity from a gender perspective.

This festival was originally created to meet a pressing need—to make the work of women in audiovisual experimentation more visible—but now, five years on, it’s still flowing, mutating and reinventing itself, turning into a multidisciplinary event that refuses to rest on its laurels and continues to take risks in its programme, year after year. Our sights are set on emerging artists and audiences with a taste for novelty. This fun, activism-orientated festival looks beyond the commercial circuits, giving Madrid a chance to meet the new queens of noise and techno but also integrating today's most representative dance rhythms. Beats infused with a decolonial feminist perspective transport us to fringe realities and proposals with Latin American and African roots. Our line-up features women artists who are reinventing nightlife and club culture, forging ties and networks that extend beyond their live performances.

Our goal is to rethink the position of women on the creative scene and make the SHE in she makes noise an inclusive concept with room for everyone. We’re interested in analysing differences, the upside of errors and glitches as productive aesthetics. For all these reasons, year after year we continue to celebrate a more fluid, cross-cutting notion of SHE.

The fifth she makes noise will take a peek at the future, at the sounds and proposals that will set new trends, with performances by Abyss X, Hibotep and Juliana Huxtable. However, this year we will also shine a spotlight on the past thanks to the presence of a pioneering woman in electronic music and the digital arts, Electric Indigo. In addition to giving a live performance, this guest of honour will join us for a special encounter to talk about her platform, female:pressure. Rounding out the concert programme, we’ll welcome the Colombian composer and performer Natalia Escobar, aka Poison Arrow, to Spain for the first time, and host the Madrid premiere of “META”, an immersive experience by CLON + NWRMNTC. Plus, visual artist Elena Juárez will lead a digital workshop. The festival’s film cycle features seven titles, including the Spanish premieres of the latest directorial efforts of Pia Hellenthal, Cauleen Smith and Kathryn Elkin, and will continue throughout the month of October with a special programme and the family activities of En Familia at the weekend, featuring Mursego and an audiovisual concert by SLVJ and Rayuli.

Curated by Playtime Audiovisuales: Natalia Piñuel Martín (Music and Activities) and Enrique Piñuel Martín (Film)

Sponsored by: Cervezas Alhambra

With the collaboration of: Goethe Institut

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