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“20 years of female:pressure” with Electric Indigo

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she makes noise 2019
6 Oct 2019
© Michael Breyer
© Michael Breyer

To celebrate the festival’s fifth anniversary, we’ll have a special encounter with one of the artists and investigators who has most influenced us since this project began: veteran Susanne Kirchmayr, aka Electric Indigo, music producer, DJ and founder of the female:pressure platform, a pioneering initiative that promotes the visibility of women in electronic music.

Duration: 1 hour

The talk will be moderated by Estela Oliva, a Spanish artist and curator based in London, where she runs the art and research project CLON. She has worked at prestigious cultural institutions like the Barbican Centre and Somerset House Studios, where she did a residency and worked on new projects related to virtual reality.

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Goethe Institut
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“20 years of female:pressure” with Electric Indigo

6 Oct 16 - 17 h