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8th Márgenes Festival Winners

Within the programming of

8th Márgenes Festival
1 Dec - 2 Dec 2018

La Casa Encendida will host a special screening session featuring the winners of the competition’s eighth edition, which took place this November.

The official section, with 13 titles from Spain and Latin America, features films marked by the idea of freedom and constant searching. If you’re fed up with monotonous cinema packaged for mass consumption, leave the mainstream behind and join us in the “margins”.

·       Saturday, 1 December

o   6 pm. Special Jury Mention - The Little Match Girl, directed by Alejo Moguillansky. Argentina, 2017. 71'

o   8 pm. Best Film - The Owl’s Tale, directed by Tetsuya Maruyama. Brazil, 2018. 76'

·       Sunday, 2 December

o   6 pm. CAMIRA Critics’ Award - Building Bridges, directed by Heloisa Passos. Brazil, 2017. 73'

o   8 pm. NUMAX Exhibition Award - Young & Beautiful, directed by Marina Lameiro. Spain, 2018. 72'

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8th Márgenes Festival Winners

1 Dec 17 - 19 h