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"idizwadidiz" + "88:88", by Isiah Medina

Within the programming of

8th Márgenes Festival
30 Nov 2018

The two most representative experimental works by this twenty-seven-year old film-maker who specialises in distorting the narrative of his filmic diaries with abstract sequences that capture the tyranny of fragmentation in the digital age.

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • idizwadidiz, directed by Isiah Medina. Canada, 2017. 7’. Original soundtrack
  • 88:88, directed by Isiah Medina. Canada, 2015. 65’. Original soundtrack with Spanish subtitles
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"idizwadidiz" + "88:88", by Isiah Medina

30 Nov 18 - 19:15 h