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Jennifer Reeder Session

21 Oct 2016

Jennifer Reeder is a prestigious American filmmaker who constructs personal stories about relationships, trauma and adolescent coping mechanisms. Her highly unconventional narratives borrow from the language and communicative style of teenagers and magical realism. She has collaborated with the composer Jenne Lennon on her most recent productions.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Blood below the skin, by Jennifer Reeder. 33’. 2015. (premiere in Madrid)

  • A million miles away, by Jennifer Reeder. 28’. 2014. (premiere in Madrid)

  • Chrystal Lake, by Jennifer Reeder. 20’. 2016. (premiere in Spain)

All movies are in the original language with Spanish subtitles.

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Jennifer Reeder Session

21 Oct 17 - 18:30 h