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“Knife + Heart”, by Yann Gonzalez

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The Magnetic Terrace 2019
31 Aug 2019
Knife + Heart, de Yann Gonzalez
Knife + Heart, de Yann Gonzalez

A journey to the Paris of 1979, meta-slasher style, complete with a masked killer. Gonzalez's films are characterised by an overpowering visual style that is half-kitsch, half-poetic and studded with film-buff references (from Argento to De Palma) and a great sense of humour. The original soundtrack is by M83, the band fronted by Anthony Gonzalez, Yann's brother.

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

Knife + heart, by Yann Gonzalez. France, 2018. 110’. Original soundtrack with Spanish subtitles

Yann Gonzalez (Nice, France, 1977), a journalist by training, took his first steps in the film world as a critic before obtaining a postgraduate diploma in film studies from Université Paris-Sorbonne. After making a variety of short films such as I Hate You Little Girls (2009), which was screened at the Cannes Film Festival, in 2013 he released his first full-length feature, You and the Night. Together with filmmakers like Bertrand Mandico and Marie Losier, he is a signatory to "The International Incoherence", a set of rules largely designed to subvert the dominant industry of arthouse cinema.

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“Knife + Heart”, by Yann Gonzalez

31 Aug 20 - 21:45 h