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"Mandy", by Panos Cosmatos

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The Magnetic Terrace 2019
20 Jul 2019
Mandy, de Panos Cosmatos
Mandy, de Panos Cosmatos

Bringing the wildly imaginative Panos Cosmatos and Nicholas Cage together in one movie was undoubtedly one of the most brilliant moves in recent genre film. The result of this eccentric pairing is Mandy, a new take on the revenge thriller that unfolds in an atmosphere of 1970s horror, saturated colours, heavy-metal aesthetic and chainsaws.

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

Mandy, by Panos Cosmatos. United States, 2018. 120’. Original soundtrack with Spanish subtitles

Panos Cosmatos (Italy, 1974) is a screenwriter and director, son of the Greek filmmaker George P. Cosmatos and the Swedish sculptor Birgitta Ljungberg, who relocated to Canada in the 1980s. His first contact with the film world was courtesy of his father, with whom he worked on the western Tombstone (1993). He made his directorial debut with Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010), a sci-fi horror film. In 2018 he presented Mandy at Sundance, subsequently winning the Best Director award for the film at the Sitges Festival.

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"Mandy", by Panos Cosmatos

20 Jul 20 - 21:45 h