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“A Perfectly Normal Family” by Malou Reymann

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Contemporary Film: Trans Life
24 Apr - 25 Apr 2021
Andrea Canepa
Andrea Canepa

An autobiographical drama about a girl who refuses to accept her father’s gender transition process.

A Perfectly Normal Family, directed by Malou Reymann. Denmark. 2020. 93’ Original soundtrack with Spanish subtitles

The directorial debut of actress Malou Reymann, based on her own traumatic childhood, shows the other side of the transition process: that of the families who must symbolically grieve for their loved ones and welcome a new person at the same time. Told from the unusual perspective of a young girl, the film is a hope-filled testimonial about overcoming transphobia within the family circle.

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“A Perfectly Normal Family” by Malou Reymann

24 Apr 17 - 19 h