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Precarious Moves, by Michael Turinsky

23 Sep - 24 Sep 2022
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© Loizenbauer
© Loizenbauer

Performer and choreographer Michael Turinsky makes his debut in Spain with Precarious Moves, winner of Austria's Nestroy Theatre Prize in 2021. The piece explores the body and its mobility, proposing how to approach others without reservation and continuing Turinksy’s resistant choreographic theory.

How does a body set itself in motion where the relation between the body and what surrounds it appears to be a fundamentally precarious, vulnerable relation, a relation that is all too easily thrown off balance and in which we sometimes encounter visible or invisible boundaries?

In this solo performance, which is as much biographical as conceptual, Michael Turinsky pursues his investigation of resistant choreographic gestures through the design of choreo-political aesthetics.

The artist includes the experience of disability in his singularity. In this piece he once again addresses the concept of disability in relation to mobility, rebelling against the imperative of integrating the disabled or any body into the systemic regimes of the existing hegemonic cultures without taking into account their real needs.

Oscillating between the organic and the organised, Precarious Moves unfolds as a sometimes light and sometimes dark exploration of that strange loop that connects the body with the sensual world through which it moves; as a searching movement in which the untamed gesture discovers its choreographic milieu, and at the same time opens our sensitivity beyond it.

Language: English with Spanish subtitles.

The performance on Saturday 24 September will be accompanied by audio description thanks to the collaboration of Fundación ONCE.

Michael Turinsky lives and works as a choreographer, performer and theoretician in Vienna, where he studies philosophy. As a performer he has worked with Bert Gstettner, Barbara Kraus, Robin Dingemans, Mick Bryson, Doris Uhlich, Claire Vivienne Sobottke and Teresa Vitucci. His collaboration with Doris Uhlich, Ravemachine, was awarded the 2017 Nestroy Special Prize. His main choreographic works include Heteronomous Male (2012); My Body, Your Pleasure (2014); Second Skin – Turn the Beat Around (2016) and Reverberations (2018).

Show and artist information

  • Performance, choreography, text, lyrics, music: Michael Turinsky
  • Music and lyrics: Tian Rotteveel
  • Stage design and costumes: Jenny Schleif
  • Lighting design: Sveta Schwin
  • Photography and video: Michael Loizenbauer
  • Dramaturgy consulting: Gabrielle ram
  • Lighting technician: Max Windisch-Spoerk
  • Production: Anna Gräsel //
  • A production by: Michael Turinsky Verein für philosophische Praxis
  • Co-produced by: Tanzquartier Wien, HAU Hebbel am Ufer
Supported por Stadt Wien, BMKOES

In collaboration with: Fundación ONCE.

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Fundación ONCE
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Precarious Moves, by Michael Turinsky

23 Sep 20 - 21:15 h