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Picasso: Untitled

22 May 2023

The 50 works by Picasso that make up this exhibition have been subjected to a process of subjugation. 50 international artists, each one in conversation with a work, have created a title and a new description that transform, question and redefine it.

Building potential stories, each artist offers us a radically contemporary perspective on the work produced during the last decade of Picasso's life, between 1963 and 1973. In this invitation to play with Picasso, each room and each threshold opens spaces to latent questions in the works and essential in our present view, such as race, class, gender, identity, anthropocentrism or empowerment.

The new titles and texts, some produced through speculative processes and others through poetic or political interpretations, collectively create a composite and complex portrait of Picasso's legacy and influence. The exhibition invites us to develop an active perspective, to question aspects of our perception of Picasso's work and, at the same time, of ourselves, our values ​​and our contemporaneity.

  • La Casa Encendida, 2023

  • Curator: Eva Franch i Gilabert

  • Spanish - English

  • ISBN: 978-84-09-50503-6

  • 235 x 165 mm. Pages: 360

  • Binding: Softcover

  • €28

Publication of the exhibition Picasso: Untitled.

For sale at La Casa Encendida Information Desk and in the Machado Libros online store.

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