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A Meeting Between Artor Jesus Inkerö and Alfredo Ramos

22 Sep 2021
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 Artor Jesus Inkerö ©Silvia Martes
Artor Jesus Inkerö ©Silvia Martes
Alfredo Ramos
Alfredo Ramos

In the course of this online meeting, artist Artor Jesus Inkerö and researcher Alfredo Ramos will reflect upon the artist’s work through an analysis of his videos; specifically, they will focus on an element that runs through the whole of Inkerö’s work: the representation of the different forms that masculinity adopts.

Duration: 1 hour

The meeting can be followed on the Casa Encendida YouTube channel. The videos will be available on the Casa Encendida Vimeo channel until 26 September.


  • Swole (2017). (Length: 7 minutes.) Presenting a bodily transformation project that the artist develops by taking a deep dive into the culture of bodybuilding, where he delves into some of the subcultures of hypermasculinity.
  • Bubble (2017). (Length: 18 minutes.) The artist explores how some of the norms of masculinity are projected and reproduced in leisure and wellness spaces in the north of the globe.
  • JAB (2020). (Length: 8 minutes.) Through the marks that boxing leaves of the skin of the hands, Artor Jesus Inkerö discovers how the link between masculinity and the aesthetic of violence is created.

Artor Jesus Inkerö (Helsinki, 1989), is a graduate of the Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts, and currently lives in Amsterdam, where he has continued his training at the Rijksakademie. His work, which incorporates resources such as performance, video, installations or photography, is part of what he calls a “holistic bodily project”. Inkerö has presented his work at the Rijksakademie Open Studios, in Amsterdam; at the Beursschouwburg, in Brussels; at the New Museum, in New York; at the National Museum of Finland, in Helsinki; and at the Melbourne Contemporary Centre for Photography, among other venues.

Alfredo Ramos Pérez (Madrid, 1978) graduated as a doctor in Political Science at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. His areas of research include participative democracy practices, new forms of curatorship in the performing arts and contemporary transformations of masculinities. Two of his recent productions are the documentary theatre piece, Máscaras, Mapas, Marcas [Masks, Maps, Marks] and the young Afrodescendant collective creation project, 8 minutos [8 Minutes], codirected with Marisa Lull.

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A Meeting Between Artor Jesus Inkerö and Alfredo Ramos

22 Sep 17 - 18 h