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Forgotten Crises III: Making the Invisible Visible

15 Nov - 24 Nov 2016
Tetsumo 2008, The forgotten feet
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Tetsumo 2008, The forgotten feet

In this 3rd edition of the series, we continue to shine a spotlight on some of the crises that exist on our planet—a combination of social, political and economic causes and consequences with humanitarian repercussions—and yet do not receive sufficient attention from governments, international organisations or the general public.

After the excellent turnout at the first two editions of the "Forgotten Crises: Making the Invisible Visible" series in 2014 and 2015, and motivated by the conviction that other equally or even more relevant crises still needed to be addressed—even the third time round, there was still a wealth of topics to choose from—we have organised a third edition consisting of six sessions, during which we will discuss issues such as world hunger, children's rights in the face of violence, the role of women in peace and security, the peace deal in Colombia, the analysis of crisis management models and the situation of the Kurdish people.

Coordinated by: IECAH (Institute of Studies on Conflicts and Humanitarian Action).

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