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I’m Not an Influencer, by Reinaldo Ribeiro

20 Sep 2023
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The Brazilian dancer, creator and performer invites us to activate decolonial thought and gaze with this piece that questions the gaze vis-à-vis the objectification of black and mestizo bodies in the urgency to calibrate past and present.

Target audience: General public
Location: Patio
Duration: 1 hour
Price: 10€

“... I bring everything and something else just in case... I even bring bricks in my pockets.”

I'm not an influencer (Schwarzenegger exterminó mi futuro) [I’m Not an Influencer (Schwarzenegger Exterminated My Future)] belongs to Chapter 2 of a trilogy that explores the issue of “being a subject”. “As bell hooks has said, this means having the right to define our own realities, establish our own identities and name our own histories, instead of being reduced to objects whose reality and identity are defined by others.”

In this context, the performance piece explores the idea of “not knowing”. “Not knowing” as an option for building the future and articulating other narratives. “Not knowing” the exact origins, as an option for rethinking the concept of ancestrality. “Not knowing” as a political gesture. “Not knowing” as a response to historical shutdown. The “not knowing” that constructs and constitutes.

Reinaldo Ribeiro —transoceanic artist, conceptual bitch, Afro-futurist lover—

Is a Brazilian artist based in Spain since 2006. His work moves between the fields of choreography, the performing arts and “cosmic perreo”. He explores what he defines as the “4P concept”: the relationship between the political, the poetic, the personal and the pathetic. He has a special interest in an expanded scene and in practices and projects that activate decolonial thought and gaze.

He pursues his career as a creator and performer between Tenerife, Madrid and Barcelona, maintaining close ties with the cultural fabric of all three places.

The co-founder of the Lamajara collective, as a performer he works with the choreographer Aleksander Georgiev (Bulgaria), United Cowboys (Netherlands) and Les Impuxibles (Catalonia). He is an associate artist at Art House (Eindhoven). He recently obtained the master’s degree in Performance Practices and Visual Culture granted by Universidad Castilla-La Mancha and Museo Reina Sofía (2019/2020).

His works have been seen in Mexico, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Italy, Georgia, Poland, Germany and Spain.

He is currently creating his new project, SACRE 110, in collaboration with the artists Aymará Parola and Lea Petra.

Show and artist information:

Creation, direction and choreography: Reinaldo Ribeiro

Live musical creation: Marina Tomás Amado

Dramaturgy and artistic assistance: Adeline Flaun and Arantza Labuena

Lighting design: Alfredo Diez

Sound technician: Andrés Cabrera

Costumes and stage set: Reinaldo Ribeiro

Costume production: Hector Leon

Production: Beatriz Bello

Photography and video: Javi del Pino

Graphics: Martín Alcoba and Noelia Varietti

Text: Reinaldo Ribeiro

Text editing: Arantza Labuena and Adeline Flaun

External editing: Mari Paula and Paloma Hurtado

Text references: bell hooks, Ytasha Womack, Thereza Rocha and Rubén Bermúdez

With the support of: Generalitat de Catalunya / ICDD Gobierno de Canarias / Danseu Festival / Tenerife LAV

Art residencies: La Cresta (TEA Tenerife) / EiMa - Espacio de Creación (Mallorca) / Danseu Festival (Les Piles) / L'animal a la Esquena (Girona) / C. C. del Canal (Madrid)

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  • Supported by:

    With the collaboration of the performing arts programme POR ASALTO of TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, curated by Javier Arozena.

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I’m Not an Influencer, by Reinaldo Ribeiro

20 Sep 21 - 22 h