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Oficina de amaneceres [Office of Dawns], a performance by Compañía La Soledad

23 Sep 2023
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Esteban Feune de Colombi
Esteban Feune de Colombi

We invite you to a poetic performance in a public space to share a dawn and its mysterious magnificence made up of a lingering dream and an emerging thought.

Target audience: General public
Location: P. Encuentro 1
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Price: 5€


Place where management or administrative tasks are carried out.


Appearance of sunlight on the horizon, giving rise to a new day.

¿An office for registering dawns? Working at dawn or working the dawn? Dawn working? Work dawning? Officing the dawn? Can an office and the dawn be related in any way?

The dawn is a poetic action that occurs every day. How can it possibly be that we usually forget this?

What humbugs we are, who pretend to live for Beauty, and never see the Dawn!, exclaimed the poet Logan Pearsall Smith.

Enough of humbuggery. Our work is beauty. We summon you to work.

Compañía La Soledad

Show and artist information:

A poetic performance conceived by Susana Sánchez and Marc Caellas with the complicity of Esteban Feune de Colombi and Ginés Alarcón.

An Argumentaria production.

Susana Sánchez, from Bilbao, is a communicator, agitator and propagator of the cultural act. At some point she lost her lightness. She thinks she hasn’t found it again yet.

Marc Caellas is a writer and stage creator whose sun is in Virgo, an earth sign. But his Virgo is transformative, and his condition is changeable, so his Virgo is contradictory, like an earth in motion. Caellas is sand, it moves when you step on it.

Esteban Feune de Colombi, from Buenos Aires, is a poet whose projects adopt the form of books, performances, plays, songs and objects.

Ginés Alarcón, from Barcelona, started writing about start-of-the-century electronics. Then he discovered the musics of the world and the Caribbean.

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  • Date: 23 September. Autumn equinox.

    Meeting point: To be announced a few days before the event, once you have bought your ticket.

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Oficina de amaneceres [Office of Dawns], a performance by Compañía La Soledad

23 Sep 7 - 8:30 h