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Immersion in the creative process of A Hug

17 May - 19 May 2024

Immersion experience in the creative process of Alex Hug through a collective project

Target audience: General public
Location: LCE
Price: 10€

During the Textile Recycling Marathon, Alex Hug presents a participatory space for the creation of wearable landscapes: textile landscapes made by upcycling remnants of garments. 

In the workshop, each participant will make a personal landscape that will then be incorporated into a collective installation. This patchwork of personal landscapes reflects the diversity of society, in which each unique individual contributes to a common landscape, symbolising unity in diversity.,

Alex Hug is a textile sculptor and performance artist with a critical vision about social and environmental issues. Her innovative work is defined by an exploration of textile recycling and has been shown at events like CCCC and Colección SOLO. In addition to her artistic practice, Hug teaches at IED Instituto Europeo de Diseño in Madrid and IADE Escuela de Diseño.

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Immersion in the creative process of A Hug

17 May 17:30 - 13 h