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Immersion in the creative process of Barbará León

17 May - 19 May 2024

Immersion experience in the creative process of Bárbara León, a designer of upcycled footwear

Target audience: General public
Location: LCE
Price: 50€

Bárbara will present three working methodologies and each participant can choose which one they want to develop as a group. 

Friday begins with short theory session, followed by the selection of materials from the mountain of clothes and the presentation of the design ideas to ensure that all participants have a shared vision of the project and are ready to start working on the challenge from the first moment on Saturday.

During the two days of the marathon, and in the preliminary training session, the groups will receive all the necessary material to carry out the complete project.

Bárbara León is the hands, vision and talent behind Re_. Her adventure in the world of fashion began with the inspiring landscapes of Andalucia, where she spent her childhood, learning the art of fashion from her grandmother and aunts, who planted the seed of her passion. At Re_, every pair of shoes is a unique testament to the power of reuse, capturing the essence of the recycled materials with a highly personal style and creativity. Bárbara is a leader in research and innovation in footwear upcycling. Her methods transcend fashion, seeking to set a trend that embraces sustainability.

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Immersion in the creative process of Barbará León

17 May 17:30 - 14 h