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Positive education

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Wake Up, The Planet Needs You! 2021
12 May 2021
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Today’s session, and the documentary film Happy Teachers Will Change the World, will bring us innovative ideas and methodologies that seek to awaken in the new generations the need to have a positive impact on the planet.

Duration: 2 hours

We will be joined by speakers from leading international institutions, and national specialists of great prestige. The documentary film will reveal a technique that increases the skills of students and teachers: mindfulness.

Carlos Pallero (professor at the IE University, educational coach, psychopedagogist, Master Trainer in NLP and the founder of Mente Colectiva) will introduce us to innovative educational ideas and methodologies developed by national and international specialists.

Featured speakers:

  • Heike Freire, teacher and expert in Green Pedagogy.
  • Miriam Leirós, a teacher for more than twenty years, she also leads educational projects related to the environment. She is currently a coordinator at Teachers for Future.
  • Manu Velasco, teacher at the Santa Teresa de León school. He was awarded the National Teacher’s Prize in 2018 and the e-volution prize in 2020. He is the author of Soñando personas [Dreaming People] and La pandilla ON [The ON Kids] and the creator of the online education portal Ayuda para maestros [Help for Teachers].

We will also be joined, through interviews that were expressly recorded for the series, by:

  • Manis Jain, cofounder of Shikshantar Andolan (The Peoples’ Institute for Rethinking Education and Development) and developer of the Ecodiversity Global Network. A leading voice of the deschooling movement, he is a social innovator, intellectual, writer, speaker, film-maker and cyclist.
  • Pavel Cenkl, director of the Schumacher College, the experimental learning university in Darlington, UK. He designs study programmes based on ecological awareness and teaches environmental philosophy. He is also a passionate runner and has covered hundreds of miles in the Arctic to raise awareness about the climate.
  • Bob Darwish, director of the Alcanta International College, he believes that schools should not only supply students with knowledge, but also skills and competences to empower them and allow them to become critical thinkers and responsible citizens and global leaders.


Happy Teachers will change the world, Evermind Media. Holland, 2016. 37’. Original soundtrack with Spanish subtitles

Teachers and students today face many challenges: workload, stress, attention deficit. How could the current education system, and with it the world, be transformed?

The film introduces us to Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, whom we see sharing the practice of mindfulness with 600 teachers during a retreat at the University of Barcelona. By delving into their own personal suffering and sharing it with the group, these teachers are able to undergo a transformation. Are they ready to return to the classroom, to create a ripple effect that begins with themselves and their students?

Happy Teachers Will Change the World: Incorporating Mindfulness into Education is the right film for anyone – whether a teacher or not – who wishes to practice happiness and freedom in their life.

The streamed event can be followed on this website or on the Casa Encendida YouTube channel. The film may be watched on the Casa Encendida Vimeo channel after registering by clicking on “Tickets”.

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Positive education

12 May 16 - 18 h