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A positive economy

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Wake Up, The Planet Needs You! 2021
5 May 2021
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The session begins with a debate and the documentary film Seeding Change, in which innovative proposals are presented to achieve an economy that has a positive impact on the planet, in such a way that it is not only fairer and more sustainable, but regenerative as well.

Duration: 2 hours

This session will show us what the Economy for the Common Good and the Doughnut Theory are; how to make use of the EU recovery funds; and how to connect with the ongoing process of transformation. The documentary Seeding Change also proposes profitable and sustainable alternatives to the current system of trade.

Chaired by Ana Gómez, coordinator of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance, the debate will be joined by two leading promoters of disruptive initiatives:

  • Christian Felber, writer and university professor, founder of the Economy for the Common Good movement and the author of bestsellers like Money – From Ends to Means, chosen as Book of the Year on Economics in 2014, and An Economy for the Common Good, ZEIT-Wissen award-winner in 2017.
  • Cristina Monge, politologist, journalist and Associated Professor of Sociology at the University of Zaragoza, who has devoted her career to seeking a new social model based on sustainability.

The meeting will also feature special interviews, expressly recorded for the series, with:

  • Kirsten Dunlop, CEO of EIT Climate-KIC, the EU’s Community of Knowledge and Innovation. Kirsten is committed to speeding up systemic change towards the decarbonised economy we need in order to adapt to climate change and mitigate its effects, and which will also represent an enormous opportunity for business and society.
  • Carlota Sanz, co-founder of the Doughnut Economics Action Lab. Carlota leads a strategy to convert ideas into transformational practices and to co-create redistributive and regenerative economies.


Seeding Change. The Power of Conscious Commerce, by Richard Yelland. United States, 2020. 51’. Original soundtrack with Spanish subtitles

The film offers a deep insight into how trade affects climate change and presents companies that are working within a circular and regenerative business model. It also explains how triple result principles can be adopted to guarantee profitability, social responsibility and environmental sustainability, and empower consumers in pushing for changes that have a positive effect on the planet.

The streamed event can be followed on this website or on the Casa Encendida YouTube channel. The film may be watched on the Casa Encendida Vimeo channel after registering by clicking on “Tickets”.

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A positive economy

5 May 16 - 18 h