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Wake Up, The Planet Needs You! 2021

5 May - 26 May 2021
Wake Up, The Planet Needs You! 2021

The festival’s 12th edition returns in digital form, with streamed events and online documentaries, to reflect on how to achieve a positive impact on the world and discover new innovative projects that are already making a change. Specialists from all over the planet will take part in this edition to help us act locally from a global perspective.

The aim of this new edition is to inspire change by revealing the positive impact that people and institutions are having in different parts of the world.

The festival discovers leading voices, philosophies, methodologies and projects that are effecting change all over the globe in fields like the economy, education or activism.

The current edition will also devote a day to imagining the immediate future and the ability of human beings to face up to environmental and social challenges.

Documentaries and debates will address topics that can help us improve our life and the life of the planet. Some of the areas of discussion will be: new financial opportunities arising out of EU funds; alternative visions that are changing the current economic model; how to educate the new generations in values and environmental awareness; the advantages of being an activist; the role of 5G and AI in reducing our impact on the environment; what the immediate future will look like, beyond the pandemic, regarding issues like overpopulation, global warming or smart cities.

The four panel discussions will be streamed on the Casa Encendida YouTube channel every Wednesday in May. The debates have been designed to fit in with a selection of documentary films that can be viewed on the Casa Encendida Vimeo channel.

In addition to the four films that go with the different sessions – whose plot summary and contents are described under each of the events – this year’s festival features a free bonus film that can be viewed on the Casa Encendida Vimeo channel: Joshua Tickell and Rebecca Harrell Tickell’s Kiss the Ground.

Narrated by Woody Harrelson, Kiss the Ground is an inspiring and innovative film that tells us how, by regenerating the world’s ground, we can stabilise the Earth, restore lost ecosystems and create abundant supplies of food, as well as changing our lives for the better. Using graphics and spectacular visual effects, together with striking NASA and NOAA images, the film cleverly illustrates how the ground is the missing piece in the puzzle to solve the greatest challenge facing humanity, balance the climate and secure the future of our species.

Coordinated by: Asociación Cultural Despierta, a non-profit organisation devoted to inspiring the transformation of society through the most innovative solutions and ideas in sustainable development and awareness.

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