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A positive future

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Wake Up, The Planet Needs You! 2021
26 May 2021
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What will the society of the near future be like? How will we be affected by overpopulation, Big Data, AI, 5G and the changes that are taking place in cities? Will we be able to adapt our entertainment culture to the environmental and social threats ahead of us?

Duration: 2 hours

The specialists of today’s session, together with the documentary film Endgame 2050 (featuring musician Moby), will help us to prepare for a future that is already with us.

Ángel Cano, director of the Despierta cycle, will chair this fascinating discussion without a crystal ball, while the documentary gives us a vision of a future in which we alone are the stars.

Featured panellists:

  • Guillermina Benavides, teacher, researcher and director of Strategic Foresight at the Monterrey Technological Institute School, in Mexico. She has published in journals like Futures, World Futures Review, Obets and Espiral.
  • Miguel Jiménez, founder and director of the consultancy firm FFWD – Futures Intelligence & Strategic Foresight.
  • Carlos Martí, director of Ciudad Sostenible.
  • Raquel Mora, telecommunications engineer. She is an expert in the field of radiocommunication technologies, and a member of the Governing Board at the Colegio Oficial y Asociación de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación [Official College and Association of Telecommunication Engineers].

We will also be joined, through an interview that was specifically recorded for the series, by Alistair Currie, head of campaigns and communication at Populations Matters since 2016, and an activist at PETA UK, Cruelty Free International and Free Tibet.


Endgame 2050, by Sofía Pineda Ochoa. USA, 2020. 90’. Original soundtrack with Spanish subtitles

What will the world be like in 2050? Endgame 2050, created by doctor and environmentalist Sofía Piñeda Ochoa, gives us an idea of that future. Humanity has moved towards an ecological end as we approach the middle of the century. Featuring musician Moby, together with leading scientists, the film is an urgent call to action to address the existential crises that loom over the planet.

The streamed event can be followed on this website or on the Casa Encendida YouTube channel. The film may be watched on the Casa Encendida Vimeo channel after registering by clicking on “Tickets”.

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A positive future

26 May 16 - 18 h