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Fulu Miziki

19 Sep 2020
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Foto: Zizuke
Foto: Zizuke

This eco-Afrofuturist punk band from Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo) claims to hail from a future where humans have reconciled with Mother Earth and with themselves.

Duration: 1 hour

Conceived as an orchestra made from objects found in the rubbish that’s constantly changing instruments in search of new sounds, Fulu Miziki will offer a video-concert to whet our appetites for their IDEM 2021 performance at La Casa Encendida.

The band is made up of Le Meilleur, DeBoul, La Roche, Padou, Sekelembele, Tche Tche and Vieux Pisko Crane and performing artist Aicha Mena Kanieba, who joined in 2016.

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Fulu Miziki

19 Sep 18 - 19 h