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'Sobre la belleza’ by Sociedad Doctor Alonso

25 Sep 2020
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Foto: Sara Serrano
Foto: Sara Serrano

This piece puts time on the stage: not the passing of time or nostalgia over passing time or the drama of passing time, but the matter of time itself.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

The entire discourse revolves exclusively around energy and the possibilities of bodily movement of people already in their seventies. Accompanied by Agustín Fernández on the piano, they execute various movements, shifts and gestures in an abstract, internally silent fresco.

  • Original idea and direction: Tomàs Aragay
  • Musical composition and performance: Agustí Fernández
  • Musical performance: Jordina Millà
  • Assistant director: Sofía Asencio
  • Performers: Iñaki Arregui, Salvador Baena, Maria Teresa Fors, Constantina Puche, Antonio Ramírez, Eulàlia Sariola, Andreu Teixidor, Mª Lluisa Torras and Mercè Vallverdú.
  • Understudies: Eduard Ràfols and Mercè Trías
  • Set and lighting: CUBE. SZ
  • Executive producer: Imma Bové
  • Communication and distribution: Sara Serrano and Tomàs Aragay
  • Show co-produced by: Mercat de les Flors, Sociedad Doctor Alonso, Festival Grec and Théâtre Archipel de Perpinyà
  • With the collaboration of: Fundació Teatre Lliure
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'Sobre la belleza’ by Sociedad Doctor Alonso

25 Sep 20 - 21:30 h