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'CORDATA’ by Chiara Bersani

17 Sep - 30 Sep 2020
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Foto: Giulia Traversi
Foto: Giulia Traversi

Cordata is an elusive performance. Conceived during lockdown in early 2020, this sound piece is an attempt to fulfil a wish, that of observing a landscape together.

CORDATA is an experience designed for private enjoyment. A performance that can only exist thanks to the union of different bodies in form, rhythm, identity, place and perception.

The Spanish version includes a video by artist Bárbara Bañuelos, who offers accompaniment during the stage experience.

  • Created by: Chiara Bersani
  • Bound leader: Barbara Bañuelos 
  • Sound: F. de Isabella
  • Research: Marta Montanini
  • Publicist and curator: Giulia Traversi
  • Organisation and logistics: Eleonora Cavallo
  • Text traduction: Laura Pugno
  • Text review: Violeta Medina
  • Produced by: Corpoceleste_C.C.00# Asociación Cultural, Centrale Fies (Dro), UFO Artistic Residences - Teatro Stabile di Trieste
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'CORDATA’ by Chiara Bersani

17 Sep 18 - 18 h