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Léna Blou and Radio Nikosia in Conversation

23 Sep 2020
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Foto: Radio Nikosia
Foto: Radio Nikosia

Tuning in simultaneously from different points in Catalonia, Radio Nikosia broadcasters will interview Léna Blou at her studio in the southern Caribbean archipelago of Guadeloupe, analysing the profound and painstaking work done over the course of her professional career.

Duration: 1 hour

In this conversation, Radio Nikosia will ask questions with its customary insight, precision and humanity, and Léna will respond with a vision unfettered by stereotypes and clichés about what it means to be a black person.

Conversation participants include:

  • Mika Mahi, artist, writer and vice-president of Asociación Nikosia
  • Marcos Obregón, scriptwriter, reader and president of Asociación Nikosia
  • Nadia Roudil, educator, curious explorer of creative forms and Nikosian friend
  • David Gascó, treasurer of Radio Nikosia, artist and life-lover
  • Lucía Serra, psychologist, psychoanalyst and Nikosian
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Léna Blou and Radio Nikosia in Conversation

23 Sep 17 - 18 h